Fittipaldi Carriers Picks Skybitz’ GLS Asset Tracking Technology

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Fittipaldi Logistics, Inc., the market leader in software development focusing on the freight transportation industry, announced that Commodity Express Transportation, which is a wholly owned affiliate of Fittipaldi Carriers, Inc., the Company’s trucking arm, has selected the patented Global Locating System (GLS) asset tracking technology from SkyBitz for the trailers in its local trucking market.

This new initiative enables Fittipaldi Logistics to track non-powered assets in the most efficient and reliable manner. SkyBitz provides a key link in Fittipaldi Carriers’ strategy, which calls for total asset visibility.

Fittipaldi’s Carrier division, which will provide an estimated $32 million in revenues to Fittipaldi Logistics this year, has been evaluating asset tracking technologies for several months, and has concluded that the SkyBitz solution would enable them to perform in a significantly more efficient manner.

Orin Neiman, the CEO of Fittipaldi Carriers said that the main focus of their business to provide their customers with exceptional and cost effective service. He further said the SkyBitz GLS solution is easy to install and would allow them to more efficiently utilize their trailer fleet while giving the customers enhanced visibility.

According to Kevin Yates, the COO of Fittipaldi Logistics, they are very pleased to be implementing the SkyBitz trailer tracking technology into the market at Fittipaldi Carriers. The technology has proven to be cost effective. It also integrates seamlessly with their proprietary telematics and sells management software, which is the EMMOLogic. Trailer visibility joins their growing portfolio of cutting-edge technology solutions.

SkyBitz CEO Rick Burtner commented they were delighted to partner with Fittipaldi Logistics. He said patented GLS technology empowers fleets of all sizes to improve their bottom line while enhancing their customer service.

Fittipaldi Logistics, Inc. is a technology company that specializes in providing pertinent, real-time information to the worldwide transportation and security industries. Their telematics solutions collect vehicle and container-based data and integrate it with information gathered from various disparate legacy systems across the supply chain. The data is then synthesized and reformatted into valuable and actionable information, and delivered to appropriate end-users across the logistics value chain through secured web-based applications. Specific offerings include: vehicle tracking, inventory/asset visibility, secure trucking, matching available freight with available trucks, truck accessories and many others.

SkyBitz Inc. on the other hand developed the revolutionary Global Locating System (GLS) technology to give customers the ability to track un-powered assets by utilizing wireless satellite technology and centralized position calculations. The two-way GLS mobile communicator is compact, easy to install and provides multi-year battery life. More than 340 arenas currently rely on the cost-effective SkyBitz GLS technology to track more than 130,000 trailers and containers and achieve total asset visibility, improved security, lower operating costs and enhanced customer service. Headquartered in Sterling, Va., SkyBitz is a privately held company financially backed by CIBC, AIG Highstar Capital, Inverness Capital Partners, Motorola Ventures and ITV, a fund of Cordova Ventures.

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